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Revamp their cages with some unique items!



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About our little family

How It All Began

We are a family based business and pet rescue in Oklahoma.

Our goal is to provide safe, innovative and unique products for pets at an affordable price!

Our rescue is 100% non profit so sales from our store help fund our rescue. We focus on helping chinchillas, rats, degus, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small/exotic pets. 

We began this dream in 2015 when I rescued my first chinchilla, Yuki. She had been badly mistreated and left with a torn ear and amputated tail. When I went to look for proper supplies for her, the pet store recommended sugary treats, paper bedding, a plastic house and a too small wheel and cage! Since I am studying to be a veterinarian, I knew all of this was very unsafe. But, it was so difficult to find safe supplies so we decided to make our own!  We make wheels, treats, toys, bedding, and furniture. Our products are safe for many small pets! Years later, we are happy to know we have provided fun and safe products to thousands of families <3

Additionally, overtime many people and even Petco would reach out to us to take in abandoned chinchillas. Once we were able to move into out in the country, we decided to start a small pet rescue. We are currently the only one in Oklahoma. 

Safety is Guaranteed :)

I have worked with animals for 16 years and studied exotics while completing my Zoology degree. I am also a certified Veterinary assistant and I am working hard to be a Veterinarian so I can assure you safety is our priority <3

Our Family <3

Jose, my husband, works on all the woodwork and wheels. He loves animals and is very passionate about providing innovative designs for your pets! Karina, my mom, has 15+ years of experience in sewing. She also has a chinchilla she loves to sew for <3 Justin, my little brother, also wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up so he is so excited to help us with creating safe supplies for small pets. He helps me pack, bake, paint and build treat bundles :)

Adopting or Surrendering?

Please visit our adoption tab and follow steps to begin the process <3

We will be adding available chinchillas soon. 

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Jazzy Nguyen

Got my Chinchi mid run! But FINALLY A WHEEL THAT IS ACTUALLY SILENT! We have gone through so many wheels that say they're silent but aren't and would rattle the cage all night that I would have to take it down which is sad for him. But finally we have something that really works for both ends of the party! So happy to have a chinchilla without driving me nuts! Thank you so much! <3

Contact us if you want a custom item made. Or a discounted bundle package!