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Adoptions and Surrenders


Reptiles, Birds, Mammals and Amphibians. We help all small exotic animals <3

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We have received donation requests and it really means a lot to us. We rescue animals from our home. Our business supports our rescue as well as our family so any donation goes a long way. We are saving up to build a facility to take in more animals. We are the ONLY small animal rescue in Oklahoma and even get requests from surrounding states about surrenders. Donations would also go to vet costs, food and cage costs. 

A Cause for Paws

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Our rescue is completely non profit, non breeding and no kill. We accept any small pet surrender as long as we have the space. We have experience with chinchillas, degus, hamsters, birds, rabbits, sugar gliders, hedgehogs and most reptiles. If you are needing to surrender please email us at and give us as much history on your pet as possible. You can also fill out the contact form below. This will help us match them with their future family, as well as ensuring they get the best care needed.

If you are wanting to adopt please fill out our application. We do require proof that you have a proper enclosure and supplies for them.

Please do research on the pet you are wanting to adopt. If research has not been done, application will be rejected. We are happy to do a meet and greet where we can discuss specific needs each pet has. For example, chinchillas need cool temperatures, strict diets, and are not cuddly. They have many other needs that I will outline in a separate page soon. 

We are in no rush to adopt and will make sure all animals are healthy before adopting them out. We also socialize with them on a daily basis so they can feel more comfortable with humans. However, please note most small animals are prey animals and usually have shy personalities, so they will need time to adjust to their new homes.

We do require adopters to sign an adoption contract when picking up.

Happy Tails 


We are so excited whenever one of our surrenders finds their forever home!

Nash found his forever to Misty in Texas. He will have a brother and many fun accessories!

Finnick "Finn" found her forever home in Oklahoma. She will be loved by many people and her new mom is going to study zoology so she is well versed in exotic animal needs!

Buddy and Leviathan bonded and found a wonderful, dedicated family in Texas


Chincy and Nova also bonded and found a great home. Their new mom has rescued dozens of rabbits and knows so much about animal care. 

Rumble went to great home here in Oklahoma. His new owner is a first time chinchilla owner but the entire family did so much research and got prepared for a lifetime commitment. 

Rick and Morty went to a family with teenage son who loves rats. They were bonded to another male rat. 

Waffles found a great family here in Oklahoma. His family got  him a bunch of new goodies and large cage so he is very loved!

Susan went to an already experienced chinchilla owner. They are a regular customer who loves spoiling his chinchillas.

Gizmo, Diesel and Bear went to experienced chinchilla owners in Louisiana. They will be bonded to another male :)

Nani, Momo and Jojo went to a wonderful dad who learned to make lots of fun things for them <3

Dusty and Nubs went to an amazing family who picked up so many goodies day of adoption, including ekit to make sure they are prepared. They will definitely be well  taken care of <3

Charlie went to the nicest couple who specifically wanted to adopt older chinnie to give them a home. Thank you so much Aurora and Dustin!! Charlie is so lucky to have you 2 :)

Murdock was adopted here locally and will have a brother :) 


We make sure all adopters are well vetted and informed of proper care. We also take any back in If emergency comes up. We do not adopt to to whoever asks first, finding the best home is our priority. 

If you want to adopt, apply here:


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Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074

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