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Listing is so I can give you bundle discount when you dont have paypal or zelle.


Message to see if you qualify


Plese know if bundle keeps being changed and it takes me a while to create the listing it would be a $5-$10 fee for our time



Processing time varies based on what you order


Bundle for Marlena

10x10 Rainbow corner

5" Rainbow ledge

8" Rainbow ledge

Metal Rainbow Hay Rack

Processing 4-6 weeks


Bundle for Kasey

16x4 Green Tea-2 bamboo traps

Chick N Eggs Wreath

Spring Cholla Chew Toy

22" bridge with 8x8 and 6" ledges w/g

Lounge w/porch-circles

5x4 Green Pillow

16 Donut Holes-Assorted 5


Custom for Melissa

16x6 Teal Wheel with 4" ledge no guard

25" cage brace-wheel starts 2" from left


Bundle for Melissa

•One 14x4 Aqua Teal XTRA Soundless Spinner with (2)2.5 ledges
-4 hammock hooks
-free pumice stones (2-3)
•One Critter Cottage size 11.75x10x8
•One small pandemonium hay rack
•One small chinchilla treat bundle with no oats, shredded wheat, or Cheerios
•Ledges (1)2.5(1)6(1)8(1)10
•One 40 pack of apple sticks
•One 23" walkway ledge with leap through hole on right side

6-8 weeks processing


Bundle for Xera

3.5" double level teal metal guards no lip

(2)8" int metal ledges- 1 purple, 1 mint

12x12 ledge w/rainbow bowl

10x8 ledge w/rainbow bowl

ledges w/g (5)4.5, (2)6, (2)10

(5)leaping ledges

walkway ledge

3 step stairway

8x8 corner ledge w/teal pad

Med ledge w/blue diamond pad

Critter lounge w/porch and hinge

Med house w/name Dusk in purple and a star

8" Bunkhouse

side lounge w/hinge

smooth overpass

4 openings hay tower

44 box of chews

2 palm mats

4 pc wreath bundle

3 hanging toy bundle

30 toss toys 

8-10 weeks processing

Custom Bundles

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Processing is 4-6 weeks for all wooden items and 8-10 weeks for metal items

  • No returns on custom metal or woodens items (anything that has been coated or painted or size/design adjusted)

    No returns on treats 

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