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Fun bunkhouse for pets. Great for chinchillas, rats, Degus, ferrets, squirrels etc.


Kiln dried pine and hammock is 100% fleece.


Made tall enough so one can lounge in hammock while other is inside (we recommend 10" tall for 2 chinchillas).


4" openings and completely safe to get through without getting stuck.


Hammock is 10" and ties on. You can buy an extra hammock for when washing the one it comes with. 


Bunkhouse is 8-10" tall and 11"x11"


Random color hammocks unless you leave a note and then we can see if we have color wanted available. We normally have blue, purple, red, black, green, pink, orange and yellow. Give us 2-3 options in case one is sold out. Shades all vary








Pandamonium Bunkhouse

$55.00 Regular Price
$49.50Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ready to ship in 2-3 weeks

    Free US shipping to lower 48 states

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