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Available Animals

If you are wanting to welcome a new critter into your family, please fill out the adoption application. All chinchillas go through 30 day quarantine and females through 120 day pregnancy watch. Rats and Degus have also done quarantine period.

You must have proper cage and supplies to be approved for adoption. If you are needing help with supplies we do give discounts to adopters. We have wheels, chews, toys, treats, ledges, dust, bridges, tunnels, houses, hammocks, liners, pillows, emergency kits etc.


Stella is a 4 year old dark ebony female. She is shy and slow approach is best for her. She will come up when she hears treats or an apple stick though. She is not cuddly at all, but not aggressive. Just a sweet, shy girl. She is 250 to adopt

Betty and Dolly

1 year old silkie female guinea pigs. Dolly is a bit more brave than Betty but both are sweet. They will come and take treats, love hay and their veggies! They will need someone who can be patient with them and wait for them to come to you. $45 to adopt both.

Rosie-On Hold

Rosie is a 2 year old standard female. She is a bit shy but as soon as she sees you are there for pets or treats then she's all in! She will become very social with time for sure. She loves her wheel and tunnel house! She will be available mid August. $125 to adopt

Blink-On Hold

Blink is a 5 year old standard grey, female. She is super sweet and will come to ask for pets or treats. She loves running on her wheel, probably her favorite item in her cage. She will be ready end of August. She is $100 to adopt.

Rio, Toothless and Hiccup-Ready

Rio is a 1.5 year old male parakeet. Toothless is a 7 month old female. Hiccup is a 7 month old male. You can have genders together but there can't be anything that is a box or nest shape to prevent them from reproducing or female laying eggs. They love singing and dancing. They are shy but will let you know when they want a treat or more food. They also LOVE swinging. Amazing and adorable trio. $60 to adopt all 3-Must go together. They are ready.


3-4 year old Pink white male. He is a bit on the shy side but loves running on his wheel and getting apple sticks. He is gorgeous and is very active. Ready. He is $225

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