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Available Animals

If you are wanting to welcome a new critter into your family, please fill out the adoption application. All chinchillas go through 30 day quarantine and females through 120 day pregnancy watch. Rats and Degus have also done quarantine period.

You must have proper cage and supplies to be approved for adoption. If you are needing help with supplies we do give discounts to adopters. We have wheels, chews, toys, treats, ledges, dust, bridges, tunnels, houses, hammocks, liners, pillows, emergency kits etc.


Dumpling is a very sweet girl and loves being pet. She is only 1.5 years old. She is very curious and loves apple sticks! She will be available April 17th. $100


3-4 year old Pink white male. He is a bit on the shy side but loves running on his wheel and getting apple sticks. He is gorgeous and is very active. Ready February 9th. He is $175


This Is Zilla. He may be pending. He is 4 years old and standard grey. He is incredibly docile and sweet. Loves getting pets and will usually just get comfortable once you start petting him. He will be shy at first when being picked up but I can see him warming up to it. He has some missing patches of fur from having mats but they are growing well. Ready February 9th. He is $85


Oreo is 6-8 years old. She is not spayed per our vet's recommendation due to age. She is NOT to be used for breeding and pet ONLY. She is incredibly sweet and loves playing with stacky cups as well as her forage blanket and tunnel. Unfortunately after years of unhealthy treats her stomach is delicate and she can mostly only eat hay without getting soft poops. We are seeing if this improves with time with strict hay diet recommended by vet. She is ready and is $10

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