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NEW design and WIDER pans! 16x5" and 16x6" available in custom colors! Look at the last 2 pictures for various colors available now

These are hand welded so you can see welding marks.

These weigh 6-7 pounds. So they are the lightest wide and steel wheel on the market. We do have lighter aluminum wheels (around 2-3 pounds) if you need it to be more lightweight

This does weigh less than chin spin which is 8 pounds

If you want another color, look at our other listings or message us. We have almost ANY color available: Red, Blue, purple, Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow etc!

These are handmade so pans are not completely smooth in the seams when you take a closer look.

ORDER another color here or upgrade for slim wheel or steel xtra soundless wheel:

All pans are 5-6" wide and straight so your pet has plenty of space to run! NO Slant! Wider running track also allows for your chin to take a nice nap after running

Our wheels are powder coated- the only safe way to paint metal for pets :)It is a stronger coat than just anodized and the only recommended way for metal to be coated for pets.

No wood, rubber or plastic!

It’s innovative x-shaped Mount makes it xtremely silent as it distributes your pet’s weight evenly. Since, weight is not place all in one spot, this prevents cage damage and rattling!

NEW LARGER bearings and mounts make these very long lasting and SILENT.

Super smooth spin to it as well and no maintenance needed.

You can see this wheel on our youtube channel: Pandamonium Pets! Subscribe to our youtube channel for more fun videos of our pets and products!

If you have multiple chinchillas, we can make a wheel bundle deal for you :)

Look at our FAQs below for exact measurements!

Follow us on social media for deals and announcements! Facebook: Pandamonium Pets, Instagram: Pandamonium_pets, Website: Pandamoniumpets.comWant the pan painted? Purchase upgrade here:***FAQ***Measurements?

Dimensions: 16" across, 5-6" in depth. We can customize sizes if needed.

Attachment space: under an inch!

Customizable?We take new color requests!

Does this wheel work for my _______?This wheel is mainly compatible with chinchillas, degus, rats, hedgehogs, squirrels and prairie dogs. We can make other sizes for smaller pets like mice and hamsters. Or wider sizes to better fit your larger pets.Please message me if you have any questions, thank you for thinking of us!©2016- 2021 PANDAMONIUM PETS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

16x5 and 16x6 XTRA Wide XTRA Soundless Spinner- Chinchilla wheel-Multiple colors

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ship in 6-12 weeks


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