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Fun interactive wooden ledges for small animals!

Ledges are made of Kiln Dried Pine wood and pillars are made of poplar. Poplar is very strong wood and we chose this type so it can withstand your pet's chewing and you can keep refilling the ledges :)

Bundles are shown in the pictures. All toy styles in bundles will be chosen at random unless specified. Not all bundles will be sent with the same toy styles shown in pictures. 

Bundle 1:(1) 10x6 ledge with dangling toy underneath,  (1) 12x8 ledge with toy hanging on pillars and (2) 8" refill toys-random styles

Bundle 2: (1) 10x8 ledge w/ toy hanging on pillars, (1) 10 x6 ledge w/toy dangling underneath, (1)12x6 ledge with (2) hanging toys and (3) 8" refill toys- random styles

Bundle 3: (1) 10x6 ledge w/toy underneath, (2) 10x6 ledges with (2) toys each, (1) 12x8 ledge with toy
between pillars and (4) 8" refill toys- styles random

Bundle 4: (1) 10x8 ledge w/ toy on pillars, (1) 12x8 ledge w/toy on pillars, (2) 12x6 ledges with 
(2) hanging toys each and (5) 8" refill toys- random styles

ALL Refill toys and toys for ledges where they hang vertically underneath are 8" 

Available with ledge guards or without.

Various sizes available :)

6" or 8" in width. 

Pillars are 5 inches tall. Guards are 2" tall if chosen.

Toys are 7.5-11.5" long depending on ledge size.

We have a separate listing for the refillable toys.

If you want a custom bundle, message me anytime <3


Interactive Ledge Bundles

$70.00 Regular Price
$59.50Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Processing is 2-4 weeks


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