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Not sure what to get? or want a fun surprise?


Our new mystery boxes a fun and random assortment of our products.


Let us know which pet you have so we can send fun stuff for them!
As we release more products, we will add more species specific mystery and subscription boxes :)


Boxes may include treats, toys, chews, ledges, hats, emergency kit items, dust, pillows 

No wheels, guards, houses, liners or other large items included
Large item mystery boxes can be made if requested <3


No custom items included in these


Sizes available:

XSmall-1-3 random products
Small- 3-6 random products
Medium-5-10 random products
Large-10-15 random products
XLarge-15-18 random products


Mystery Boxes

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ready to ship in 2-3 weeks. Possibly 4 since have been moving

    FREE US shipping 

    No returns 

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