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These are corner ledges, a favorite spot for most small pets to relax on!

Available in all the colors as our wheels and we can also customize colors.

Colors are shown in pictures above, but this listing is for the CORNER LEDGES ONLY.

Aluminum ledges. ALL edges and corners are rounded for 100% safety (look at last picture)

No slip surface so your pet can jump without worries. 

Will NOT rust. Powder coated for the ultimate seal. 2.0 mm thick so they are VERY sturdy.

SUPER EASY cleaning! Just wipe down any urine with a 50/50 vinegar and water spray <3

2 sizes available:
8x8 inches and 10x10 inches.

You can purchase one ledges or get a small discount for buying multiples.

All ledges are very thick to easily hold any chunky pet ;) and are lighter than usual wooden ledges. They also have the tallest poop/scatter guards in the market. Guards are 2.5" tall to prevent hay and poop tossing :)

They will be available in dozens of colors coming soon!

We do not recommend all metal ledges for rodents, because their teeth are constantly growing and need to chew to file them down. Wooden ledges do ease boredom so I recommend a mix of both. We do have metal and ledge bundles coming soon.


Metal Cooling Corner ledges-For Chinchillas, Degus, Rats

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Processing is 4-6 weeks


  • No returnd on custom powder coated items such as hayracks, bowls, wheels and ledges.

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