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Adorable picnic tables for small critters like chinchillas, degus, rats etc <3

They ship FREE and will come with a mini baskets (3" tall) filled with a safe treat! Baskets are not intended for chewing, they are just for pictures. :)

They are made of premium kiln dried pine wood. Put together with non toxic wood glue and safe bolts.

There are NO sharp nails or screws used.

Tables can also be dyed for a pop of color :) pet safe food coloring used!

We have 3 designs:

Simple: 12 inches by 8 inches. Or you can go smaller for 12 inches by 6 inches. Regular size has table 8” long and small has it 6” long. Basic table with seats. Smallest size for rats or degus. 8” wide tables recommended for chinchillas.

Enhanced NO bowl or hole: 14 inches by 8 inches but no hole or bowl with it.

Enhanced with bowl: 14 inches by 8 inches. Wider table and has a hole for a bowl. It include a stainless steel bowl.

Get a burger to go with it!


Critter Picnic Tables

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ship in 2-3 weeks with FREE priority shipping to US buyers

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