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Safe chew toys for your pet :)

Amounts vary for each bundle. We can do minor exchanges on some for others. For example, if you don't want bamboo canes, we can swap for more willow balls.


Pack 1: 30 total- 3 of each


Pack 2: 20 total-2 of each


Pack 3: 10 total- 1 of each


Pumice, poplar slices, willow balls, yucca, palm twists, loofah, cholla wood, bamboo traps and bamboo canes 

Sizes vary for all.

Lengths are usually:

Pumice: 1.5-2.45"

Poplar slices: 2.5-3"

Willow balls: 1.25"

Yucca: 1-2"

Palm twists: 3-4"

Loofah: 3-4.5"

Cholla: 3-4"

Bamboo traps: 5-6"

Bamboo canes: 3-5"

Chew Packs

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ship in 3-5 days. FREE US SHIPPING

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