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High quality & very affordable silent wheel! We strive to make unique options to better fit every pet owner's needs.If you have multiple chinchillas, we can make a wheel bundle deal for you :)


Aimed to help MAXIMIZE cage space and be more lightweight. Look at our FAQs below to get exact measurements.

Processing is 3-4 weeks.

It has a smooth spin at an affordable price! It has a 5.5” by 4.5” wooden mount to support your pet’s weight and prevent cage bat damage :)

Color choice is for wooden plate/ mount on the back, not the pan.

The difference between this wheel and our xtra Soundless wheel is the mount. This has solid square mount, while the xtra Soundless has the x-shaped mount.

>>>All wheels come with free gifts! Treats, ledges and more!

<<<KEY POINTS: Lightweight, maximizes cage space, soundless and the MOST affordable soundless spinner.It is 100% safe and you can customize the colors of the wood. Wood is strong and made of poplar so it will not crack.

Bearing is made tightly to prevent a large gap between steel plates, this is important as this gap will cause the wheel to be unstable. Wood also provides a cushioning effect to prevent harsh cage banging. It is also great in preventing the wheel from wobbling.

ALL hardware is included and is stainless steel so it will NOT rust.This wheel is super light and will NOT damage your cage.


Find us on facebook @PandamoniumPets, Instagram @Pandamonium_Pets (previously chinzillas_)We have launched our official website: PandamoniumPets.comSubscribe to our youtube channel (Pandamonium Pets) for more fun videos of our pets and products!

International shoppers are responsible for custom charges. Shipping is separate to this.

***Also check out our NEW chinchilla kits, we have created bundles of our best selling products at discounted prices and combined shipping. The Chinchillin' bundle includes this wheel, a ledge, a hammock, treats and more, all for a great price!Want the pan painted? Purchase upgrade here:



Dimensions: 16" across and about 3.8" in depth. There is a slant to pan. I do recommend our wider wheel if your chin is on the larger side. Or we can customize.

Weight: 2 pounds 4.5 ounces

Attachment space: 1.25”

Processing Time?

If you REALLY need your wheel ASAP, message me and we will see what we can work out!


We do accept custom orders including, different spacer colors or sizing options. We are currently designing stands for them as well, Jose is working on it ;) We can also customize the treats that come with it, just let me know if you have a special request.

Does this wheel work for my _______?

This wheel is mainly compatible with chinchillas, degus, rats, hedgehogs, squirrels and prairie dogs. We can make other sizes for smaller pets like mice and hamsters. Or wider sizes to better fit your larger pets.***

We have come out with another new wheel as well, go look at our XTRA Soundless Spinner listing if you want something more EVEN MORE silent and light! Please message me if you have any additional questions! Thank you for thinking of us.

Pan is galvanized steel.


Original Soundless Spinner™-Chinchilla wheel, Rat wheel, Degu Wheel

Excluding Sales Tax
  • silent metal wheel

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