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Figure out some of your pet's favorite wood chews!


Every bundle includes:
2-3" Poplar Slice
1-2" Pumice Stone
1.5" Yucca Slice
2-3" Loofah Slice
2.5-3" Coconut Disc


We have various size options available:

Sample (1 of each) 5 toys 
Small (2 of each) 10 toys 
Large (3 of each) 15 toys 


More toy varieties to come :)

If you want a custom bundle feel free to message me.
Can sell toys individually.


Bamboo does tend to shred so just keep that in mind when they chew it. It is still considered safe for pets though. It can just make a mess, so I remove once they tear it apart lol.
If you have chinchilla, cut disc in half or we can cut it for you

Organic Chew Sampler

$8.00 Regular Price
$7.20Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ship in 1-3 business days


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