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100% Natural Pumice Stones! 

Great in preventing overgrown teeth. Mammals in the Rodentia order have continuously growing teeth, because they do not have roots. To prevent health issues, chew toys are a necessity. These stones are long-lasting and will aid in their dental health!

They will also help distract them from chewing other things.

Each stone is 1-2 inches in length and can be sold in various amounts.

X-Small- 8-10 or 1/8 LB
Small-14-16 or 1/4 LB
Medium-30-34 or 1/2 LB
Large-58-62 or 1 LB

Perfect and safe for: chinchillas, degus, rats, hamsters, etc.

All stones vary in size and shape so there is a range in how much a pack will have but they will weigh what they are supposed to :)

Pumice stones are formed when highly pressurized rocks are ejected from a volcano and then cooled quickly.

Mined in the US- Organic.


Natural Pumice

Excluding Sales Tax

    Ships in 3-5 days by itself. Otherwise, it will ship with other items in your cart and with their ship times

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