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~If buying multiple items we combine shipping. Message me please <3 If you upgrade to priority shipping, processing time stays the same you just upgrade from first class (3-6 day shipping) to priority (1-3 day shipping). Processing is still 1 week.


We have the largest containers in the market, so you will be sure to have plenty of your chinchilla's favorite treats. Large is 14"x9"-compared to our mini samplers in pictures
XL size will be listed soon :)


All treats and chews are Organic and safe for chinchillas and degus! We can also avoid pumice and certain treats for rabbits and guinea pigs!

Goji berries are also safe but limited to one a month due to sugar. 

Containers are filled randomly, but here’s an idea of what you may get.


***We can Substitute treats if your chin hates a certain one, just message me :)


Large Bundle: 14"x9"- example, will not be exact unless specified.


58 individual chews- 11 different chews! 
10 Plain Cookies
7 Plain Pops
Then 10 herbs/ dried flowers/ treats 


Chews that are usually included-random sent but quantity is the same:
Vine Twists
Bamboo Traps
Bamboo Canes
Willow Balls
Willow Stars
Willow Hearts
Palm Curls
Palm Twists
Apple Sticks
Willow Sticks


Herbs/ dried flowers and treats filled randomly: All are organic and not treated with chemicals.
Goji Berries
Rolled Oats
Oat Groats 
Bee Pollen
Hibiscus Leaves
Chamomile flowers
Dandelion leaves
Peppermint leaves
Shredded Wheats
Rose petals 
Lemon Balm 
Milk thistle 
Hawthorn Berries 
Dandelion root 
Blessed Thistle 
Hawthorn Leaves 
Marshmallow Root
Jasmine Buds


ALL will come with same amount cookies and pops specified but other treats are filled at RANDOM. Unless you specify. Filled with 1/8 cup.

If I am low on one treat type, I may substitute for another. Leave a note if you really want one treat type. 


If you want make sure treats last a while, refrigerate cookies and pops.

Message me if you have any questions! :)



Mega Munchies Boxes-58 Chews, 27 Treats-Chew and Treat Bundles for Chinchillas

$49.99 Regular Price
$44.99Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Treats are mixture of dried flowers and herbs

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