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ooden ledges, perfect for chinchillas or degus to hop on. Safe to chew and they last a long time. We sand them out to avoid any splinters.

These have poop/ scatter guards added on them to help keep messes in!

Guards are 2" tall. 

Made of Kiln Dried Pine. Non-toxic elmer's wood glue used to safely bind. NO unsafe screws or nails.

Look at this happy customer:

We sell them in sets of 2, 3 or 5 but can make other bundle sizes for you. 

Available in other colors and I can take requests to paint designs on them (additional price). I use pet safe soy paint or food coloring.

You can also request different sizes.

Fun Pack: 1 (2.5x6), 1 (4.5x6), 1 (6x6) and 1 (8x6)

If you want a bundle with them to here:

Want without guards:

They will come with all hardware to mount to cage. All hardware is stainless steel and will NOT rust. One washer per bolt. 

I can paint them a solid color. If you want a design on it I can create a listing for it, just message me :).

Ledges with Guards

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ship in 3-5 business days


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