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Now a best seller! Thank you for all the support!

It now comes with some FREE treats! We can also add on extra treats with free shipping just message me! If you have multiple chinchillas, we can make a wheel bundle deal for you :)

16” galvanized pan to avoid any spinal damage.

Textured running track to avoid slipping and chew proof!

These are non-silent and make noise. Bearings are also open so they can catch dust, hay and other debris. You can clean out with wd-40 to maintain them.

They can also be a bit stiff when new and that will also help this.

However, we do have silent wheels if noise is an issue :)

4” bearings are also quieter than the 6” bearings.

All wheels come with free gifts! Treats, ledges and more!

lWe are the original sellers for these wheels on Etsy. We have been making these wheels for a while now and we stand by them. My boyfriend carefully makes each wheel to be amazing. We offer both bearings as we know each pet requires a different need.

Feel free to message us if you need help deciding on a bearing.

ALL wheels come with stainless steel washers and wingnuts. Wingnuts are used for easy attachment and removal. They also hold better than basic nuts.

Facebook: PandamoniumPets, Instagram: Pandamonium_Pets (previously chinzillas_) and our new website: Pandamoniumpets.comSubscribe to our youtube channel (Pandamonium Pets) for more fun videos of our pets and products!This is a safe and durable alternative to the small and plastic wheels sold in pet stores.

These can be loud so we have Soundless spinners if noise is an issue :) these are just the most affordable!The 6" bearing provides a wide attachment point to help distribute your pet's weight. They are louder, but we recommend them for heavier pets (prevent cage bar damage).The 4" does have a smoother and quieter spin. Recommended if you have a smaller pet as they are usually easier to spin.

We do recommend our Soundless spinners above these because they will last longer than these and are easier to spin. All hardware is included as well and some treats! If you have a wobbly cage, I do recommend the 6” because it will help distribute weight and prevent cage bars from bending or breaking.If you have a strong cage like the ferret nation, you may enjoy the 4” more as it is quieter :)

These wheels have an open bearing, so they can become stiff if dust gets into. You can clear it out with some wd-40 :)If your chin is new to wheels, adding some dust to the pan will encourage them to use it.

As requested from some of our Instagram followers, we decided to start selling the wheel my boyfriend made for our chinchillas. They are NOT silent but we do also sell a silent version.16" wheel perfect for chinchillas, degus, and more. About 4" in width. Made from steel and should not rust; it's also chew resistant. Comes with all hardware to mount. Additionally, the 8" cage guards we also sell are a great add on to the wheels. They prevent the cage bars from bending due the animal's weight. This is an issue with critter nation cages. They also help in silencing as the wheel will not hit the cage if your pet loves running fast.

International shoppers are responsible for custom charges.

Shipping is separate to this. Please make sure your address is up to date before purchasing.



Dimensions: 16" across, about 4" in depth

Weight: 2 pounds 4.5 ounces

Attachment space: 1 inch

We can make smaller wheels with this bearing if you would like.

Does this wheel work for my _______?

This wheel is mainly compatible with chinchillas, degus, rats, hedgehogs, squirrels and prairie dogs. We can make other sizes for smaller pets like mice and hamsters. Or wider sizes to better fit your larger pets.I have a video on my Instagram, Chinzillas_ if you want to see how it works. *

Please be aware, I recommend the silent wheels as those will last longer and are silent. These wheels do not spin as smoothly as our silent wheels so please take that into consideration. If you have any questions feel free to ask:)Pan is galvanized.©2016-2019 PANDAMONIUM PETS ALL RIGHTS RESERVE

Basic Spinner-Chinchilla Wheel

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  • galvanized metal


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