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Our rescue is completely non profit, non breeding and no kill. We accept any small pet surrender as long as we have the space. If you are needing to surrender please email us at and give us as much history on your pet as possible. You can also fill out the contact form below. This will help us match them with their future family, as well as ensuring they get the best care needed.

If you are wanting to adopt please fill out our application. We do require proof that you have a proper enclosure and supplies for them.

Please do research on the pet you are wanting to adopt. If research has not been done, application will be rejected. We are happy to do a meet and greet where we can discuss specific needs each pet has. For example, chinchillas need cool temperatures, strict diets, and are not cuddly. They have many other needs that I will outline in a separate page soon. 

We are in no rush to adopt and will make sure all animals are healthy before adopting them out. We also socialize with them on a daily basis so they can feel more comfortable with humans. However, please note most small animals are prey animals and usually have shy personalities, so they will need time to adjust to their new homes.

We do require adopters to sign an adoption contract when picking up.

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